Friday, September 14, 2012

Field Report on Carnival of Song Saturday September 15

Tune into Carnival of Song on Saturday from 4-6pm to hear Lynn Crystal's interview with Field Report and hear them perform 2 songs from their new self-titled CD.  Lynn first saw and heard Field Report at the Outlaw Roadshow in Williamsburg this summer. They were the only band she hadn't heard on the bill; in fact, all three others were some of her favorites: Counting Crows, We Are Augustines, and Kasey Anderson and the Honkies. She found herself riveted by Field Report's shimmering sounds and unique and moving lyrics, and she invited them on the show that very night.  Don't miss this interesting conversation with one of the best new bands around!

Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week on "Good Music"

It was a sleepy, grey morning in Milwaukee when I first met this week's interview. Way back then, the band was known as Crimson Sweet: a very aggressive punk rock band whose blisteringly frightening stage show was in great contrast with the polite and kind demeanor they exhibited over the breakfast bar at the hotel we shared.

After running the usual course of many great bands, they broke up. And so it goes...

However, a few weeks ago, it was with great joy that I discovered the band has reinvented itself. They replaced one member, changed their name to The 1-800-Band and rerouted their musical style to reflect that of the power pop genre.

In any case, I loved them then and I love them now.

Tune in this Saturday when Al and Polly join me on the program; giveaway vinyl was promised.

They are certainly Good Music!

"Good Music"
Saturday, August 25
WFDU, 89.1 FM
9am - 12pm (EST)

Perhaps I will share some further Crimson Sweet memories later this week!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello there, everyone!

Tune in to "Good Music" tomorrow morning (7/28) from 9am to noon to hear a wonderful mixed bag of music.

In addition, Lisa Bianco will be joining us probably around the 10 o'clock hour. Please join us!

89.1 FM on your NYC radio dial, or


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WFDU's Brand New Website!!

Get ready folks cause the new site is about to be unleashed!!!! Please stay tuned, you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinking About Little Willie John....And A Few Nice Things

No less an authority than James Brown once said, "Little Willie John was a soul singer before anyone thought to call it that".  His original version of "Fever" inspired Peggy Lee to record it. He had 14 hits on the R&B charts between 1955 and 1961, and an equal number of hits on the pop charts. He appeared on "American Bandstand" and "Route 66". Unfortunately, he was also convicted of manslaughter in 1966 (even though it was never proven that he killed anyone) and died in prison at age 30 in 1968.

On Sunday, July 17th, WFDU-FM's "On The Record" with Richard Sibello will pay a 2-hour tribute to the singer who influenced many of the future stars of soul, including James Brown and Stevie Wonder. We'll be playing many of his hits, his forgotten masterpieces, and selections from his doomed 1966 session for Capitol Records (which stayed unreleased until 2008).

We will be interviewing author and journalist Susan Whitall, who has written a new book on the life of this incredible performer, entitled "Fever: Little Willie John - A Fast Life, Mysterious Death and The Birth Of Soul" (available now at

Not only that, but we will also feature an interview with Little Willie John's two sons, Kevin and Keith John, who will share their personal memories of their father and his music.

So be sure to tune in Sunday, July 17th, at 1:00 pm EST at 89.1 on your radio dial or at on the web. This promises to be something special!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


TRADITIONS-----Having been a Johnny Come Lately to some of Andrew Calhoun's music from his earlier days (He was a guest with a brilliant piece of work a few years back) I will be making up for that when I feature some his great material this Sunday.  The John Prine piece is totally autobiographical---he told me that.  Andrew will be by guest on 5/29.   Much more this Sunday in a topical vein---hey---you know the world is ending on 5/21 so we have to commemorate that and feel sad that Ron will not be around for the show on 5/22---or will we.

SUNDAY SIMCHA----A new voice tomorrow---and, as always, the old standards along with some requests.  Dennis Wolfberg is our unexpected stars by the requests that have come in===only fitting for you to hear him on this blog.  Brilliant comedian who died in 1994----I mourn him since I knew him personally.

Back to the John Prine comment. In addition to the Dennis Wolfberg piece there is a piece by Mr. Calhoun and to find out more you will have to either tune in or catch it on the archives.


Friday, April 15, 2011


So much on the Website regarding Roots Music and The Smithsonian that it is nice to realize that some of the material from that great organization has been a staple of both programs and that our personal relationship that permits us to present much of their work on this station---and what I call---"The Eclectic Weekend Sound of WFDU"---but, in reality, it is "eclectic" all week long.

So--for SUNDAY SIMCHA---an update---The Passover Holiday is upon us and we did a great commemoration---EXCLUSIVELY---in this area with a wonderful production of THE WITCHES OF LUBLIN and on April 17 we do some music and a brilliant comedy piece---which you will see below--by a comedian that you should know of but, sadly, passed away many years ago at a young age---a personal friend.

 TRADITIONS on April 17 the memory of PHIL OCHS will be musically recalled and, amongst all the other features, that segment will finish with a piece by an artist who has totally inhabited Phil Ochs' great compostion---CRUCIFIXION.

Now---take a peek at the brilliant comedy of DENNIS WOLFBERG---and, as far as Roots is concerned, as the saying goes---we got it all---but you all knew that anyway: