Friday, April 15, 2011


So much on the Website regarding Roots Music and The Smithsonian that it is nice to realize that some of the material from that great organization has been a staple of both programs and that our personal relationship that permits us to present much of their work on this station---and what I call---"The Eclectic Weekend Sound of WFDU"---but, in reality, it is "eclectic" all week long.

So--for SUNDAY SIMCHA---an update---The Passover Holiday is upon us and we did a great commemoration---EXCLUSIVELY---in this area with a wonderful production of THE WITCHES OF LUBLIN and on April 17 we do some music and a brilliant comedy piece---which you will see below--by a comedian that you should know of but, sadly, passed away many years ago at a young age---a personal friend.

 TRADITIONS on April 17 the memory of PHIL OCHS will be musically recalled and, amongst all the other features, that segment will finish with a piece by an artist who has totally inhabited Phil Ochs' great compostion---CRUCIFIXION.

Now---take a peek at the brilliant comedy of DENNIS WOLFBERG---and, as far as Roots is concerned, as the saying goes---we got it all---but you all knew that anyway: