Saturday, May 14, 2011


TRADITIONS-----Having been a Johnny Come Lately to some of Andrew Calhoun's music from his earlier days (He was a guest with a brilliant piece of work a few years back) I will be making up for that when I feature some his great material this Sunday.  The John Prine piece is totally autobiographical---he told me that.  Andrew will be by guest on 5/29.   Much more this Sunday in a topical vein---hey---you know the world is ending on 5/21 so we have to commemorate that and feel sad that Ron will not be around for the show on 5/22---or will we.

SUNDAY SIMCHA----A new voice tomorrow---and, as always, the old standards along with some requests.  Dennis Wolfberg is our unexpected stars by the requests that have come in===only fitting for you to hear him on this blog.  Brilliant comedian who died in 1994----I mourn him since I knew him personally.

Back to the John Prine comment. In addition to the Dennis Wolfberg piece there is a piece by Mr. Calhoun and to find out more you will have to either tune in or catch it on the archives.