Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week on "Good Music"

It was a sleepy, grey morning in Milwaukee when I first met this week's interview. Way back then, the band was known as Crimson Sweet: a very aggressive punk rock band whose blisteringly frightening stage show was in great contrast with the polite and kind demeanor they exhibited over the breakfast bar at the hotel we shared.

After running the usual course of many great bands, they broke up. And so it goes...

However, a few weeks ago, it was with great joy that I discovered the band has reinvented itself. They replaced one member, changed their name to The 1-800-Band and rerouted their musical style to reflect that of the power pop genre.

In any case, I loved them then and I love them now.

Tune in this Saturday when Al and Polly join me on the program; giveaway vinyl was promised.

They are certainly Good Music!

"Good Music"
Saturday, August 25
WFDU, 89.1 FM
9am - 12pm (EST)

Perhaps I will share some further Crimson Sweet memories later this week!

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