Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Auld Lang Syne or Some Semblence on Traditions December 26

Aside from that title you may rest assured that Ron Olesko and Bill Hahn will not be doing the ubiquitous top 10 list when they share the microphone (the station is down to only affording 1---but surely you will pledge next year and we shall order another one).  What they will be doing is choosing 10 recordings of the past year that impressed and were meaningful to them.  Since everything is subjective they are definitely not the 10 best but, rather, their most meaningful 10.  Yours may well be different and your comments on that would be most appreciated for an early broadcast in 2011.

Sadly, as is the nature of life, we lost some wonderful people and they will surely be recalled on this year end broadcast.

Rather than giving away any surprises about the recordings that the lads have chosen this year and in keeping with TRADITIONS always staying current as well as Traditional here is an unrecorded piece by some of the program's favorite artists---Buskin & Batteau (with the truly talented tapper of tympanic tones--Marshal Rosenberg)

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